Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mr. Chong Kim Chew at Pure Lotus Hospice

Posted by Picasa Mr. Chong Kim Chew was diagnosed with prostate cancer and his Doctor told him that he will live for another 6 months only.

With despair, he was admitted to Pure Lotus Hospice. With the support of the Doctor, nurses and volunteers of Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion, Mr. Chong uplifted his spirit to overcome his anxieties.
Today, he has outlived the "pronounce" 6 months. He has stayed in Pure Lotus for 16 months. He is very
grateful to those who have supported him, and gave him the courage to overcome his fear.

Presently, he enjoyed watching the Olympic games and he forecast that China will loop most of the Gold
medals, followed by USA

He shared his prediction of winners with his fellow inmates. The 2012 Olympics has rejuvenated the spirits of
the patients in Pure Lotus.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sara visited Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion

Posted by PicasaIn early June, Sara Lytle from Harvard University flew from America to do a research on “How Buddhism helps the end of life patients”.

Spending most of her time in Pure Lotus, Sara finds great joy in getting acquainted with the nurses, volunteers, talking with the patients.  She interacted very well with everyone, and they missed when she left.  

She was very impressed with the nurses and volunteers who came to care for the well being of the patients, giving and supporting them emotionally and psychologically. 
Sara finds Sifu Lyan Shih a very compassionate leader and though she stayed for a period of one month in Pure Lotus, she never felt home sick.

Sara was a very warm person and adapted very quickly to the environment. She had a very good rapport with the volunteers who took her sightseeing in Penang Island and she loved Penang.

To the surprise of most of us, she is a Buddhist and a vegetarian, therefore, she easily blended in the environment in the Hospice. We hope to meet her again one day.

Friday, 16 March 2012

New building opens

Posted by Picasa Pure Lotus Hospice

Sifu Lyan Shih of Pure Lotus Hospice, has a dream to serve the sick and the poor.

10 years ago, she spearheaded a team of volunteers, nurses, doctors, to care for the sick especially cancer patients.

Many a time, she has to face many hurdles. But with strong faith in the Bodhisattva of Compassion, she resiliently endured and overcame the obstacles.

Through her sincere effort, today, the building Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion stands tall.

A few blocks away from the old premise mushroom up another building.

Upstairs of this new block, is specially designed for the children diagnosed with cancer.

Her work has reached a wide circle of community.

The public seeing Sifu’s compassion for the sick, and her sincere effort put forth, today many donors donated cash and kinds to help Pure Lotus Hospice sustain its expenses, making Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion what it is today.