Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mr. Chong Kim Chew at Pure Lotus Hospice

Posted by Picasa Mr. Chong Kim Chew was diagnosed with prostate cancer and his Doctor told him that he will live for another 6 months only.

With despair, he was admitted to Pure Lotus Hospice. With the support of the Doctor, nurses and volunteers of Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion, Mr. Chong uplifted his spirit to overcome his anxieties.
Today, he has outlived the "pronounce" 6 months. He has stayed in Pure Lotus for 16 months. He is very
grateful to those who have supported him, and gave him the courage to overcome his fear.

Presently, he enjoyed watching the Olympic games and he forecast that China will loop most of the Gold
medals, followed by USA

He shared his prediction of winners with his fellow inmates. The 2012 Olympics has rejuvenated the spirits of
the patients in Pure Lotus.

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