Monday, 12 May 2014

Expansion Plans for Pure Lotus Hospice !

The Venerable Rev Lyan Shih (CEO of the Pure Lotus Hospice Of Compassion ) announced plans to extend our present hospice building at No 73 Jalan Utama , Penang .The plan is to build skywards - a four storey buiding which will eventually be able to accomodate more than forty patients at any one time . A press conference was held to inform the people of Penang and elsewhere regarding this and we are looking at ways and means to get funding for this project . There have been many occassions when we have had to reject applications for admission because there were not enough beds to cope with the demand .Hopefully this will sove our dilemma .
a poster showing the proposed new buliding and pictures of patients ,staff and volunteers at Pure Lotus HospiceA

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